About Me

I’m Michaela – a creative professional.

I would say that my journey began back in 2017 – armed with several suitcases and freshly packed homemade lunch, I embarked on a flight from Toronto’s Pearson Airport to Vancouver, BC, unbeknownst to what lie ahead.

There, I began my career exploration. I found a home away from home at the University of British Columbia, where I recently graduated (May 2022) with a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology and a Minor in Commerce, with Distinction). Through exploration of various artistic avenues, such as my freelance photography/videography work, I quickly discovered that there was a way for me to capitalize on my creative chops and passion for business: digital marketing. In an ever-evolving virtual world, being a creator was as important as ever – so I began to work.

Educational Background

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Psychology & Minor in Commerce, with Distinction

(2017 – 2022)

Relevant coursework

COMM 465 – Marketing Management
COMM 329 – Principles of Organizational Behaviour
COMR 493 – Strategic Management in Business
PSYC 305A – Personality Psychology
PSYC 308 – Social Psychology
PSYC 307 – Cultural Psychology
FIPR 133 – Introduction to Film & Media Production


  • Senior Student Ambassador – UBC International Student Initiative (May 2022 – present)
  • Student Ambassador – UBC International Student Initiative (Jul 2020 – May 2022)
  • Videographer & Animator – UBC Psychology PRISM Lab (May 2019 – Dec 2020)
  • Brand Ambassador – Vessi Footwear (Dec 2019 – Mar 2020)
  • Residence Advisor – UBC Student Housing (Aug 2018 – Apr 2019)

Technical Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Character Animator, InDesign & Illustrator)
  • Photography/Videography/Animation
  • Social Media Strategy and Content Creation (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok) & Later
  • Microsoft (Word, PPT, Excel)
  • Email Marketing (CyberImpact)
  • WordPress CMS
  • UX/UI design
  • Google Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Creative Writing and Copywriting
  • Bilingualism (English, French) + working knowledge of Shanghainese and Mandarin
To read more about my experiences, skills, and job duties, check out my LinkedIn. Or preview my resume below!
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